Gunrunnerjohn showed a two level support to test engines with connected tenders. It was a surface mount that can be used with one size of rollers. Since rollers for stationary engine testing come in various height, a one height two level support doesn't fit all.

Also, I have no space on my work table for a long extended test track. So my test track is elevated above my work table. The track goes from my workroom to the layout around the workroom, thru a wall, down the hall, across a cedar closet my wife uses ( so there is a lift bridge across the closet doors that must remain UP) then thru another wall exiting into the layout on a series of bridge supports into a spur that connects to the upper layout. Whew!!

So I cut a slot into the end of the test track, used the cutout as a track support, made two support lift stations that can be raised and lowered to accommodate the various rollers and of course return the track in the slot to the level position.


The lift station is a simple u-shaped support, inside it  is a 








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Well, that's a WHOLE lot fancier than mine, looks great!  I'm fortunate that I have three sets of rollers that are all one height, so making mine was a ton easier than having it movable!

cool beans!  another lab jack use.  I have one very similar that I use for raising and lowering my router in my router table -- about as good as one of the expensive dedicated devices and a heck of a lot cheaper.  Your seems to raise the jack when turning the handle clockwise - mine is the opposite (which seems counterintuitive).  Hmmm, I wonder if its simply a matter of putting the handle on the other end of the screw...!

Glowforge - The 3D Laser Printer

Looks cool, but a 6mo warranty gives me pause...

One year warranty on mine! Actually I had some issues in the first few months and Glowforge replaced the unit at NO cost. 

Works fantastic especially square cuts.  . .  much easier than with an xacto blade!!


John if you want something cut, scored and/or engraved in wood or acrylic  send me an .svg (Scalable Vector Graphics) file but change the colors of lines for a cut, score or engrave.

 OR 3D printed send me an .stl or .obj  file.



You went for the more expensive model I see.   They look pretty neat, but kinda' expensive unless you're going to do a lot of that kind of work.

Complicated but much simpler.  Can test the longest steam PRR S1, A-A,   A-B and even an A-A Centipede Lionel and MTH.  On backside can test rolling stock functions couplers, operating cars etc.




Can even test these after had JAK make a modification for me.


Just select the correct support rail sections for make and length and go. 

Edit:  Oh can test at flank speed without loco wobbling off the rollers or the loco kicking the rollers away.


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