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I just received the B&O blue ( love the blue) EM-1. Removed it from the box set on the rails. Not more than 3 days later a pipe came loose. This could be caused by thermal expansion going from a hot day to a cool basement.  But be careful. had this occurred going thru a close tunnel it could have been a disaster.

So using a small amount of C-glue and a clamp the pipe was easily repaired

See photos; although the clamp color matches, the clamp is not part of the engine!




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Alan, thanks for the heads up; checked the ones on my B&O black (the blue is still talking to me) and they are solid; I had a rear vertical hand rail on the cab of my VL Niagara broken off at its lower mount out of the box - tried using C-glue on it but it didn't hold and discolored the black paint in the area; finally used epoxy.

@AlanRail posted:


I agree the c-glue did slightly discolor the flange at the center of the pipe that I glued back to the body frame. It was slight.

I should have used a clear epoxy.


On the handrail area, I wound up using satin black Tamiya aerosol paint to repaint what the C-glue did; found out the hard way that I should have applied a primer first; hence, light sanding, primer, paint.

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