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Hi everybody, this is my first post so I am just kinda figuring things out. I recently was given a Lionel F3 Burlington AA 9962-A 9962-C. My friend bought it for me at an estate sale. It was sold to him as a 6-38597 legacy engine set. The box was not included. He looked up the road name and number on lionels site and it came up at as stated. He does not really know trains but he thought it was a good deal and bought it for me. After looking at it for the first time I noticed all the controls were under the front pilot not under the top hatch next to the volume and battery. So at this point I am not sure what I have here. Is there a way for me to tell what I have. I called and emailed Lionel and they forwarded me a link to the exact 6-38597 listing my friend pulled up. Is it possible a shell swap happened here? Any help to find out what I can do to find the exact model number would be greatly appreciated. The switch is located under the front pilot consist of a smoke switch ,a run program aswitch, a 0DFCB217-BA3A-4ADD-9070-0D599579ED7850C2F85C-4D49-42ED-A960-35C6D9A04C20D6DEB0A7-C111-4206-BD0B-39401BC061C057BF6E7E-9872-4C3B-BD7B-65AD968647A3EE5E0AAF-9511-4CEA-A17C-348C8821197F13599A79-4014-482F-A57E-F895CA6BE02C643ADD65-0973-439B-A7C4-21B137DC71C0D24C7519-9540-41CE-AF16-C43114B0CF7CC323D294-9F74-4D97-91F3-CA5601BC8085746BC4B8-FFEE-4813-9B7D-FC66D6D16783D17056A7-4A43-44DA-BB2A-357BAE71F53E53CAEBA0-36AC-4FFB-9C67-A20324878684odyssey switch and a sound and no sound switch. I’m currently moving so I don’t even have a test track set up for me to test this or program.


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  • 0DFCB217-BA3A-4ADD-9070-0D599579ED78
  • 50C2F85C-4D49-42ED-A960-35C6D9A04C20
  • D6DEB0A7-C111-4206-BD0B-39401BC061C0
  • 57BF6E7E-9872-4C3B-BD7B-65AD968647A3
  • EE5E0AAF-9511-4CEA-A17C-348C8821197F
  • 13599A79-4014-482F-A57E-F895CA6BE02C
  • 643ADD65-0973-439B-A7C4-21B137DC71C0
  • D24C7519-9540-41CE-AF16-C43114B0CF7C
  • C323D294-9F74-4D97-91F3-CA5601BC8085
  • 746BC4B8-FFEE-4813-9B7D-FC66D6D16783
  • D17056A7-4A43-44DA-BB2A-357BAE71F53E
  • 53CAEBA0-36AC-4FFB-9C67-A20324878684
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Thanks Zhubl, I have never had a issue like this. I don’t really care that it’s not legacy but would like to have an idea what it could be so I could get or down load a instruction manual. I talked to my friend and he did say he heard it start up and it sounded great led front led light , mars light flashing , side led light all working and ran forward super slow. But that’s all the info he gave me.

Hello Michael I looked up your locomotive in the Greenberg's Guide 2020 (6-38597) and they were in the 2012-2013 Lionel catalogs. I have a set of the Santa Fe F-3's and the switches are located under the front truck. If you want an owners manual you can go to the Lionel Parts site and go to Resources tab top left they go to Owners Manual and you can print it at home. I looked on the Lionel parts site and they are showing the same photos of the Silver Burlington F-3 #'s 9962-A &9962-C that you have. It looks like you have the original locomotives from Lionel and you'll be able to get parts if you need them. Good Luck with them.  Gary

It can’t be the 2013 release as the switches are under the truck and not under the access hatch. That’s why I’d pull the shell and see if you have a legacy encoder on a fly wheel and what the part number on the sound card says that could help narrow down what you have there. Of course if they also moved over the RCMC and a RS Lite board it’ll be hard to tell at that point it just has a different/ older frame.

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