I have tried putting the engine on the tracks I get nothing I don't know where to. put my hot wires from the transformer to the electric motor if you could help me out I would appreciate it a lot


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There are two versions of that engine, one is a manual reverse with a slide switch and one has a two position automatic reversing unit. Which one do you have? In order to test that motor by applying power at the motor, after verifying it is not a manual reverse version, the upper red wire and the yellow wire must be connected together, then apply power to the other red wire and the black wire and see if it runs. If it does then the reverse unit is bad.

It isn’t as simple to just to put the power wires to the motor as you are suggesting. 
it would involve work to unsolder wires and use scrap wire to reconfigure the motor to work and even then it may not function.

Your best friend is going to be able to use a multi meter to trace the voltage from one pick up rail all the way though the reverse unit to motor/field and back to the reverse and to the other pick up rail. 

Otherwise as a stab in the dark you would be better off initially pulling the motor down and cleaning the armature of old carbon, carefully cleaning the ends of the brushes of any old oil/gunk and putting back together. Be careful to make sure you put back the fibre washer/shim that goes on the end of the shaft the armature end otherwise it will short out against the bearing in the brush bracket.

Ok, if you just connect the red and yellow together using wire and two alligator clips, then power the other red wire connection and the black wire connection the motor will run if it is good and the reverse unit fingers are bad. I have done it, it puts the field in series with the armature. I certainly agree it is far better to clean everything and meter it if the person has a meter and is familiar with the wiring.

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