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Where do you like to send your locos to for repair / warranty work.

Need someone to inspect my engine. I have a constant ticking noise coming from front truck gearing. A little grease on the gears only mutes it for so long. Looks like alot of slop between all the gears. I dont see a way to adjust gear mesh. I cant pinpoint which gear or gears is causing the issue without pulling it all apart. Id rather send off to an expert.  The service tech that has worked on this engine in the past, I can not get ahold of. So I am looking for another service tech to send it to.

Hopefully the video clip works.

MTH 20-20736-1




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Train Tick video
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On the ditch light issue. 

Few months after I bought this new engine, it died one day. Sent in. Main board and speed sensor were replaced.  When I got it back, noticed the ditch lights.  No wig wag now. One comes on in forward direction, one comes on in reverse.  Sent back in for a 2nd time for selector switch issue days later. Was told it would have to go back to MTH for programming ditch lights. Already been out for repairs a few months, and it was near the holidays.  I just decided to get it sent back home. 


Roller meaning power pickup? That's not it. Its something within the drive gears. Wish i had a test stand.



I assume someone reattached connectors wrong for lights.  Is another light flashing when whistle blows?  I do repairs as ASC.  E-mail in profile. G

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