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I have a 2020 MTH Railking Santa Fe Dash 8 that seems to have been damaged due to over flooding the smoke unit.  Smoke was coming from the sides and bottom of the engine, not from the top. I turned the engine over to drain any excess fluid.  The engine has less than 6 hours use.  When I restarted the engine it moved forward and stopped. I checked the Z-1000 transformer to see if the fuse was tripped.  It was not.  When I attempted to restart the engine it was silent except when I removed power from the track and I heard a high pitch sound which sounded as if the capacitors were discharging.  On the third attempt the engine made a clicking sound.  I immediately cut the power.  

I removed the shell and cleaned out the oil based residue and thoroughly cleaned the smoke unit.  When I attempted to restart the engine, my TIU would not acknowledge the engine.  I tested the TIU with other engines and it’s fine.

Please advise a reputable place to send the engine to for repairs.  I used Stockyard Express in the past to repair my TIU and it is still working well. Please help.

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First try factory reseting the engine in conventional mode with a transformer; 1 horn/whistle and 5 bells. It might be the TIU sent a weird command to the engine and confused the board, I have heard this on my models before and it usually clears up after cutting the power while it's started up.

Also for the future provide a product number so we know what we are looking at.

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