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There is no battery in a PS3. The reason why asking the model is to validate what electronics are in the engine to be able to give you proper technical advice. The reason for asking for the transformer- not all are ideal for controlling certain engines- especially not a CW80.

As pointed out the reason for a model is to pull the manual. I went to this one

You might want to print this and place this for easy access

The problems with the CW80 is that the chopped wave output is distorted and certain PS1 engine models do not work well, but even further and relevant is that the CW80 uses a microprocessor to generate the bell and whistle DC offsets in the AC output. There is a delay from when you press and also release the button compared to the signal starting and stopping. This makes getting the timing correct for the MTH engine to hear correctly the expected timed sequence rather than confusing it with normal random bell and whistle commands. Again, just understand, you may have to try a few times to get it correct and your timing could result in not hearing the correct command and setting the wrong setting.


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Another factor that comes into play is that in conventional operation (transformer control using varying voltage and DC offsets) is the power MUST go to true 0V on the track. If you are using the direction button or lowering the handle, sometimes the transformer does not go to true 0V output OR you are not doing it long enough for the engine to interpret it as a command VS an intermittent power drop such as seen when the engine is rolling down the track and just drops power for a fraction of time.

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