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Hi Forum Friends,

I am posting a list of engines I'd like to find to complete my roster as it currently stands. Can any of you help with these items? I'd really appreciate it! Please contact me at:

David Ogletree
Needham, MA
Phone and email are in my profile

Note - All are 3-Rail


3rd Rail B&O 4-8-2 MT-4

3rd Rail SP E7 A-B-B (Daylight)

3rd Rail PRR Q1 (skirted)

Overland Brass O Scale AS-16 (I believe these were unpainted?)

Lionel Legacy UP 2-8-0  6-82183

Lionel Legacy B&O 4-4-2 Atlantic  6-11225

Lionel legacy PRR ALCO FA ABBA  6-81519, 6-81527 & 6-81533

Lionel Legacy MILW E7 A-A  6-82832

Lionel Legacy B&O RF16 Powered B  6-38566

MTH PRR Decapod   20-3254-1

MTH UP 0-6-0 20-3455-1

MTH PRR A-5 0-4-0 Switcher   20-3598-1

MTH PRR RSD4   30-2866-1

MTH CP Train Master  20-20235-1

MTH UP SD70M #4884   20-21273-1

MTH B Units:

MTH Union Pacific FB-2  20-20686-3 and/or 20-20687-3

MTH Santa Fe F7B   20-21241-3 (Warbonnet)

MTH Santa Fe FT-B   20-21139-3 (Warbonnet)

MTH Santa Fe FT-B   20-20162-3 (Freight)

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