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Weaver Santa Fe  SD-40-2 Freight Blue & Yellow. Conventional operation.  $165 shipped east of the Miss

Weaver Union Pacific E8 B unit.  Non powered        $89 shipped east of the Miss

MTH  Premiere Santa Fe Dash 8 scale with fixed pilot and Kadees. PS2 Lightly weathered   SOLD

Railking  Santa Fe Dash 8  w/PS2    $235  shipped  E.o.M.

Railking  D&H RS3   w/PS3   (purchased new)    SOLD

Lionel  Santa Fe (freight) U25CG  TMCC RS5  $305 shipped  E.o.M.

Lionel  Santa Fe (red)  U25CG   TMCC  (no box)   one side visor snapped off. Easy repair   $235 shipped

Lionel NYC Commodore Vanderbilt scale Hudson. Updated wireless tether. Great whistle!  $500 shipped  E.o.M.IMG_3585IMG_3586IMG_3587IMG_3588IMG_3584 [1)IMG_3583IMG_3584 [1)IMG_3582

This is the RED Santa Fe U25CG with no boxDSC08321DSC08646

This is the Weaver SD40 in the same colors as the Lionel Santa Fe U25CG freight listedDSC08654IMG_3581

PayPal F&F or personal check or Zelle


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  • DSC08321
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  • DSC08654
  • IMG_3581
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