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Hello everyone trainfam here,

about a week ago I was repairing a Lionel standard gauge 38. All was going well and nothing seemed out of the ordinary. That was until today when I was cleaning up my wheels. I noticed that one of the wheels had some odd marks on it. It seemed like the rim Of one of the wheels had been engraved in. It looks like the rim has “5-L-4U” engraved on it. Take a look:


I’ve never seen anything like this before. Does anyone have a idea about what it could mean?



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Hello Robert,

Never thought that it could be a date. If it is a date that brings up even more questions. I suppose that it could be a replacement wheel from 1940, but was anyone making replacement wheels for this locomotive in 1940? Or maybe a different repair was made on that date. Before I disassembled the motor it seemed like the wheels had never been tampered with before in the locomotives life.


From the look of that flange, you might wish to contact Hennings for a possible replacement

Tinplate Art - TrainFam just blacked out sections of the picture to emphasize the markings - however, it does make the wheel look like one in need of replacement.

Tinplate Art and Robert S. Butler:

@Robert S. Butler. Thanks for explaining that to @Tinplate Art for me I was a little concerned about blacking out the back for that reason lol.


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