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This came to mind over on the "deleted threads" topic, but I'm re-posting this request here.

Maybe it's time for those "one liner" descriptions that show up from the main directory pages to be revisited and /or enhanced a little?  I was surprised at the one mention in that thread of not knowing what HONGZ meant.  But I guess if you were not active on the forum at the moment it was started (and was possibly a sticky thread, I don't recall), it has no description whatsoever under it right now.

So something like "All non-O Gauge topics belong here, HO Gauge, N Gauge, G Gauge, Z Gauge, etc."

Even 3 Rail Scale, the description simply restates the title and uses the 3RS acronym, without saying what it actually is defined as!

So something like "3 Rail Scale means all scale details.  Everything is Scale proportioned except for the third rail it's profile as well as wheel flanges that are compatible with 3 rail track".  (If I even have that right, I may not)

As much as I think the forums are already sub-categorized too heavily, maybe we also need a "collector" forum (no sub-forums)?  I'm not sure where topics on that would fall, other than the Hi-Rail, O27 and Traditional 3-Rail O Gauge.  Maybe that's OK, as that has traditionally been the "catch all" for a lot of topics.  If it's just the highly specific sub-forums that are going to be subject to having out of place topic deleted, maybe this is not an issue.


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