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A very nice album of photographs produced by Kalmbach Publishing.
Cardboard covers front and back measuring approx. 10" X 14"
19 single, black & white pages of locomotive in various locations.
See the table contents page
Released in 1946

I'm putting a very fair and reasonable price of $25 based
  on rarity, demand, very limited availability, And above all,
  Very Nice CONDITION which is all important.
Being sent via Media Mail @ No Charge to you.

Buy with confidence from me. Been on OGR since 2010 and loyal
  Subscriber for years before that. MY favorite magazine.
Member of TCA, LOTS, LCCA, LRRC and Lionel CENTURY CLUB I & II.
1st Year member of; Atlas, MTH and K-Line Collector's Club.

Please contact me with any questions you have, be glad to answer them.


Images (11)
  • IMG_5684: Cover
  • IMG_5686: Index
  • IMG_5685: Opening Page
  • E Bergen Cut: Bergen Cut
  • E Berkshire: Berkshire Steamer
  • E Diesel: E Diesel
  • E Glen Rock Steamer: Glen Rock Steamer
  • E Jersey City Terminal: Jersey City Terminal
  • E Midvale NJ: Midvale NJ
  • E Storrucco: Storrucco Bridge
  • E Triplex & Berkshire: E Triplex & Berkshire
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