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You did, of course, program the engine type, right?  If you didn't do that, that's the expected behavior.  Assuming you did properly program the engine type with the new R2LC-08 board, read on...

Since it reacts after you crack the throttle, top suspect is the serial data link.  If you are SURE you have a good connection from pin-24 of the R2LC  to pin-1 of the 10-pin connector on the CC-M, you may need a little serial data "boost".  Depending on the other stuff installed, sometimes the serial data isn't up to the task of feeding all the serial data connections, so I started making these to solve that problem.



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I think that may or may not do it.  I used to recommend that design, but that emitter follower design doesn't address one of the major issues with the serial data, that of amplitude.  When I still had issues with serial data with that design, I bit the bullet and did some research to build the "end all" serial data buffer that boosts the amplitude to full rail-to-rail levels.  I have never had an issue with serial data with my current design.

Chuck, it's very unlikely the R2LC-06 would damage the motor driver, the interface to the motor driver is exactly the same as for all other versions of the board, two PWM logic outputs and 5V from the R2LC. I'm very hard pressed to see how that damages the CC-M.  Not working with it, yes, but damaging it, no.

I've run the R2LC-06 in my test set a number of times, and it works just like any other version driving the DCDR.

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It's simple to wire it in, it just buffers the serial data that you're feeding the CC-M.  Drop me an email if you want one of these.

Improved R2LC/R4LC Serial Port Buffer

When you look at the buffer diagram below, the +5V, INP, and GND all come from the R2LC, I just solder to the pins on the motherboard below the R2LC or on the back of the motherboard.  The Out is the buffered serial data that goes to pin-1 of J4 on the CC-M.

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