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@Ron_S posted:

To me, it sounds like dirty track and wheels, if it runs fine then speeds up, that usually signals it has lost touch with the base and gone conventional to 18V speed.

Does it happen in same spots or sections of track?

I can't imagine that happening, TMCC doesn't immediately drop into conventional with a momentary power loss, it takes several seconds and the engine would likely be stopped by then.  When it loses the TMCC signal, it stops, it takes a several second power cycle to drop into conventional mode.

@toddstrick posted:


I have a cruise commander installed in a locomotive. It will be running fine then all the sudden to full speed. Press the halt button and start it again and fine until next full speed issue. If it matters it's old MTH PS1


I have seen this happen with some older R2LC radios.  If you have an R2LC in this loco, try an R4LC and it may solve the problem.   If not, then the Cruise commander is probably bad.  It is easier to swap the Radio than replace the Cruise commander - worth a try!

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