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@Lou1985 posted:

It should fit fine. Be advised that the ERR boards/parts for TMCC and Railsounds will run you $225-250, plus the cost of the locomotive. It would probably be cheaper to just find a Lionchief+ 2.0 locomotive that you like.

Yup. Checking the prices, plus shipping, it looks like the ERR parts will be about $270, not including installation. If you spend say $150 on this loco you're going to have a $420 engine. As Lou noted, there are lots of other options for that kind of money, including Warbonnet engines. Just something to consider.

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@Jetsafl posted:

Does anyone have experience doing and ERR upgrade to the Lionel 6-28853 Santa Fe GP-38 Diesel Locomotive with Horn? I was looking at buying a conventional one online and doing the upgrade but I wasn't sure if there was enough space inside for the upgrade?

No problem fitting the stuff in it, as noted by other posters, the price for the components may be a killer.

Thanks for all the feedback, that is a great point on the pricing, I was just looking at the basic AC commander not thinking I might want the other components too. I was trying to get a santa fe GP 38 like my first HO set, guess nostalgia got the best of me. I'll do some looking around at lionchief plus 2.0 stuff.

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