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  I would like to upgrade my Williams Erie F3 to TMCC using the ERRC DC Commander board and add some better sounds.  I have used the new railsounds that ERRC offers and they are OK, but for a change, I would like to add the older railsounds 4 board that is compatible with the DC Commander if possible.  Did anyone know where I can get one of the diesel railsounds 4 boards and all the components I need for it?


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You can get them from Lionel. Search parts for RS4E. The E is a later version of RS4 with better horn and prime mover sounds. In addition you will need a motherboard and audio power board. Going this route will be much more expensive than the new ERR RS5 board though. I think Boxcar Bill might stock some of these items also.






   Check our web page, we have DC Commanders at the unheard price of $59.95. Lower prices on most ERR and most with free shipping. I have one RS4 F3,7 kit available, if you want it, $75.00.



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