Hello and thank you for accepting my membership. I've enjoyed your postings for years finally decided to join in and tap your knowledge [and share of course].

I purchased a brand new Rail King Imperial diesel [#30-20432-1e] approx 18 months with no intentions of using it, I liked the NS Heritage graphics and planned to keep it for the collection, in any case the quarantine cause me to break it open lol.

It never ran correctly out of the box, at initial power up it remained in neutral and would not run.

2-3 attempts to reset as per factory directions [ 1 whistle / 5 quick bells / 2 horns to acknowledge task] proved fruitless.

I had a local train shop reset the chip with no success. 

These are the symptoms:  [BTW there is no battery, it has a super capacitor]

It powers up normally and then starts correctly but it only runs 20-30 seconds at normal speed,  it then speeds up REAL fast lol. Then on its own abruptly stops for 4-6 seconds then starts on it own again and  runs 12-15 then stops again and so on.

if i shut it down the cycle begins all over again.

MTH support is terrible, they rarely respond and if they do, their suggestions is "Reset"

HELP  Thank you and stay safe.

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Hard to say, but having it factory reset with DCS.  Reload SF and Flash code.  If your just saying it looses speed control and pauses still lite an playing sounds, that is probably a tach reader issue.  Maybe out of place, broken wire, etc...  G

I recently purchased an MTH 30-20524-1, which is the GE Evolution. the same exact engine you speak of. I ran it for 2 weeks and it died. The store I purchased it from replaced it for me. Without charge. Well, I have to guess it is covered under the 1 year warranty. You said you purchased it 18 months ago. I assume you are out of warranty. 

Did you try contacting MTH?  Or the store where you purchased it? Maybe they can do something for you. 

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