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I have a ES44ac American flyer that is no longer responding to any commands from Legacy controller.

It was running fine and I shut the power down on the layout, I did not shut down the engine first (there where 4 other engine on the layout when I did this) however was stationary at the time standing still. 10 min later I  powered up the layout again, the unit seemed to power on and and you could hear the engine rpm's rise and just stays that way, it does not respond to the legacy controller.

I have tried to reprogram the engine but it does not respond, it seemed to be stuck in some mode. if I try to open the couplers it does open them so it is getting some signal.

is there a master reset the returns the engine to as purchased? any help would be appreciated.

this was posted in the s gauge forum but it was recommended to  post it on this forum.

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It's starting to smell more like a problem with your BEMC board.  It controls the motors in both Legacy and conventional modes.  Since your couplers and sounds are working it appears like your radio board is receiving signals.  However, those signals are not being converted into motion via the BEMC.

Please provide the Lionel product number for your ES44AC.

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i called customer service today and told them the story they gave me a RMA number to sent it back! I  must say I was impressed with the call they listened and did what I thought was the right thing a big improvement from a  few years back. where the person said to me that it would be 6 month before we could get to it, I could not believe it; and never sent the Legacy controller back I just purchased a new one!

so good job Lionel thanks for listening to your customers!

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