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Is anyone using the ecosystem by ESU on their layout with block detection? Have been trying to research but not finding a lot of info on the actual usage. Mostly just about the controller. I'm really interested in upgrading from Digitrax to their system.  Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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You mean the ECOS by ESU. There are a lot of tutorials / reviews on YouTube. I personally like their Cab Control better. The ECOS is more a stationary thing and not so good to follow trains. Cab Control is handy and WIFI remote, lots of power, too. I personally don't think I would want to align turnouts on the controller but if that is your goal, the ECOS is a super system.

Thanks for the reply! I do agree Cab control seems to be a better way to go. I'm controlling my layout with Railroad & Co Software which handles all the switches and routes for the trains.  I have looked at a lot of the tutorials but I was hoping to hear from someone like yourself that is actually had time to run the system. My layout has 3 power districts and 8 BDL 168's running Block detection for the computer control so I am hoping to get all the feedback i can from users with cab control experience as well as the ESU block detection and signal pilot. 

Thanks again for your insight.

The Cab Control has the same features as the ECOS. I have both of them. The Cab Control is easy to use and consisting/ doubleheading is simple. The ESU LokSound decoders have Railcom and that makes building or adding to your locomotive list simple and easy. I exclusively use LokSound decoders. The 5XL  series and 5L series are easy to program as well. The sound files are consistently being improved.


Scott, I switched from Digitrax to ESU CC a couple of years ago with success. However my needs are different because I don't use block detection, but I do want Railcom for programming on the main to get the best out of my ProtoThrottles.

If I were looking at block detection and automation I would take a detailed look at the Digikeijs DCC system. They have a US distributor Iron Planet Hobbies. Not sure if it's ok to post links here but you can find them easy enough online. 


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