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Thank you Catnap. That’s helpful info. Would you have information as to the connectors that plug into Lighting1 and lighting3 sockets? Or for that matter all the other sockets?  I have not been able to identify them and wish to connect to this board without having to solder to the pins or circuit board. The loco shell (f3) did not come with a harness. I need to build it.
How did you get this info? I’ve searched everywhere!
Thanks again,


A few years ago I bought a LokSound Select decoder including the motherboard that was lifted from an F3. I emailed Bill Serratelli and asked him if he could provide a schematic of the pinouts for the motherboard.

I have some extra harnesses/connectors  from 3-rail engines in addition to those provided with DC locomotives. I modified the 9-pin connector to use in the Lighting 1 socket. The only socket that I wired directly to the pins was Lighting 3.

I reprogrammed my decoder since I placed it in an RS-1.

I soldered a couple of wires, one for LMPR and the other for the ground (UB+) and slid heat shrink over the connections.

I got tripped up on this engine since it runs long hood forward. I had the lights wired backwards so I had to swap leads to get the headlights, front & rear, to work correctly.

Bill is really knowledgeable so I'm sure he would be fluent in whatever model train jargon you throw at him. I don't think I had a connector to go to #3 so my only option was to attach the rear light to the function & ground pins.

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