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Anyone know if there is anyone stocking and selling ETS product in North America? I have a few items  single wagons bought at shows and looking at getting a South Africa Garrett steam locomotive. Any suggestions or comments from anyone operating these on your layout. I run fastrack. I could buy from ETS website but wondered if anyone has seen the line available. I have contacted the US based contact as per ETS website but no response.

Any leads appreciated.



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FWIW, I have the 3rail O Gauge Argentine Railroad version of this engine (after hunting around for the South African model and failing to find it). This came from one of my LHS's eBay listings but eventually my research disclosed that you can order US 3rail versions from the manufacturer in the Czech Republic:


This is as close to tinplate as anything I have. It's conventional-only with choo-choo sounds but is a very smooth runner owing to two very small can motors and a unique drive train. But I am probably telling you what you already know. What I can't remember is whether a command control version is offered but I doubt it.

These are nice models but only reflect one small variation of the prototype. I have seen a couple of truly mammoth prototypes in a South African railway museum, one complete with a steam crane:



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Turns out the vendor I was talking to was actually ETS themselves.  I didn't actually grab any business cards - sorry about that.  I have heard good things about ordering directly from their website.

@Hancock52 That's a nice looking Garrett you got there.  It would be nice if a larger size prototype was represented.  Unfortunately it would also be very expensive to produce and therefore sell, with a resulting small market.  I do expect to be ordering a loco from them myself sooner or later, I am currently on a different quest though.


I would just send them an email and ask about the curves.


I bought this mini-mallet direct from ETS last year and found them very responsive.  They took payment through paypal and shipped via fedex.  Plus the email gives you opportunity to make sure you are ordering 3 rail ac getting the couplers you want.  I have been very happy with this engine with a few caveats.  I paid for the sound to try it and was disappointed.  It's 2 chuffs per revolution, this machine should have 8.  Also it has a little tweeter of a whistle but it plays randomly, can't be triggered.  The motion is silky smooth and very quiet, but the weight is very light for its size.  One of these days I will clear off my other projects and add some weight and maybe a dallee sound board, but space is at a premier on the inside.  They are expensive, but I am happy with it.  Maybe it needs some more track time soon - hmmm....

If you get an answer on the curvature for the garrett please let me know.  It's still on my want list too.


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