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IMG_0590IMG_0585IMG_0576IMG_0564IMG_0266IMG_0262I live within walking distance of downtown Eureka, a handful of historic buildings (now restaurants) next to two mainlines.  The BNSF and UP run side by side with two complete sets (4) of signals, one set for each mainline. Eureka started as a rail worker camp for the MoPac in 1853. In close proximity to the tracks was a historic ice house about a hundred and fifty years old. It spent its last years as an antique mall before vacancy and disrepair. After several years of trying to find an interested party the building was demolished.  There were three large steam engines that powered two ammonia pumps and a generator used to make the ice.  The owner of the building located a museum in Boonesville Mo to recover and restore to operation the engines. I wonder if the ice was used for the ice bunkers in the reefers?  Can't find any history on the building. I just happened to be walking the dogs and caught the rescue operation.  Thought it was interesting and worth the post.


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The only information I have found was the build date which was 1870, and that it was originally built as a grain mill and converted to an ice house soon afterwards. The only reason I found the whole thing of interest was the fact that the three steam engines remained intact and two of them looked like a page out of a history   book. The close proximity to the tracks made me believe that there could have been some envolvement with the railroad.    The first pic was from the web, the last two right before they razed the building and the others after the debris was removed 



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