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I suspect maybe some RailKing 2-axle tender trucks would probably be close, smaller steamers like switchers. 

I actually have a RK tender not in use now and considered a simple swap of trucks.  But they are still big and bulky compared to the Premier caboose trucks I have now.

No matter which way I try, I fear Dr. Destructo and his dremel tool will make an appearance.  This is about the time the family starts locking up their things.


@Hot Water posted:
Isn't a caboose supposed to be on the end of a train?

Says who?🤪

So what I'm doing is converting my 44 ton to battery power.   I plan to use it for yard work and light, local hauls.  There just isn't enough room in that engine for a battery so I'm making a battery car.  Rather then using an ordinary freight car, I have decided to use a transfer caboose.  Those aren't readily available either... Not like the one I'm making, so I'm kit bashing one.  Both projects are being done concurrently.  While I had the trucks off, I thought about moving the coupler too.



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When we can't get what we want, we have to make it!

Nice work. Love it!

There are harness connections to dedicated MTH aux water tenders right? Not a big deal to run 2 wires to another car.

I hate that MTH never developed electric couplers for 2 rail. I had to use Atlas ones.

The first uncouple sound in the middle of this video, is because I forgot which end is the front on the switcher. Brain fart.

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