Excellent Baltimore Orioles Custom Paint Scheme curtesy JDS LTD Productions

A few years back, when they held the MLB licensing, MTH offered a Baltimore Orioles locomotive. It wasn't produced, probably due to low preorder numbers. And truth be told, it wasn't especially interesting paint scheme. But I bought all the team rolling stock, and even that later put out by Lionel. But I still didn't have a locomotive, or for that matter a caboose. Then I saw a MTH Halloween ES44AC with the orange running lights, and found an excellent price from Mr.Muffins.... I approached my friend Jeff who is JDS LTD Productions and ran my idea by him. Sure, I can do it he said, and the rest is the result his own creative genius and talent.

Many thanks, my friend! A beautiful job.

the team may stink this year, but this loco ROCKS!


Jim B&O, Ma & Pa., Canton, and WM

TCA '04, WB&A '05, MDOG '11

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Beautiful Locomotive, Jim. I am a Yankee fan but always loved the Orioles color scheme. The baseball team theme mini berks are not great looking engines IMHO. I used the MTH MLB SW Cow and Calf Switcher and caboose for my Yankee train. Your Orioles engine and caboose beats my engine hands down.  (I still like my Yankee train better though) 



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Very nice job.  I think he missed an opportunity though for a special Manny Machado boxcar, where it goes into a tunnel with his pic in Orioles cap only to emerge a pinstriped boxcar with Manny wearing the interlocking "NY"  (Only a matter of time...either this year or next!)  

- Mike



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