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Good grief!!!!


Wonder if he has discovered sex yet?

I don't think he ever will.

Well, the reason the camera was so shaky, he was only holding the camera with one hand.


“Well, that didn’t go as expected.”


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Actually, it is a "fake" in a way.  Excited Train Guy is actually the General Manager of the railroad being portrayed.  Between all the radio, internet and tv coverage this has been recieving, they've gotten THOUSANDS of dollars in free advertising. 

Correct - here is the link to the CNN report on this:



Somebody forgot to inform ABC News that the video was staged.  They ran the thing on Good Morning America this morning, and made no reference to the video's true heritage.  Really illustrates how you have to be VERY careful about believing anything you read or see on the Internet.

I'm glad people have acknowledged it's just a parody of the UP Heritage unit guy. At times you could almost tell the New York guy is reading off a script.


In the original non-faked video, when the diesel blew its horn I think the guy soiled his pants with a slightly more viscous liquid than urine...


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