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Trying to use DCS EXPLORER. plug in Z-1000 to unit, plug track jacks into unit, all the correct lights come on but TRACK light is NOT PURPLE but flashing RED and there is no power to the track. Manual says it means TRACK OVERLOAD.  I tried it on two different layouts and it did the same on each?  What is an OVERLOAD and how do it rectify it. Both layouts run OK on conventional.

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Unplug the Explorer from your layouts and power it up with nothing connected.
Does the Red Light continue to flash?

Yes: something is wrong with the explorer. Maybe a shorted TVS diode or something more complex.

No: your layout is drawing too much power and overloading the Explorer. remember it is only rated for 5 amps of draw.

For reference, this is a normal boot-up sequence of the Explorer:


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mth explorer indicater lights

Overload means it detects a shorted output (overcurrent).

Covered this recently.

Test first with the track unplugged- nothing but power going into the Explorer from the Z1000. If it still flashes red, then use a meter and measure resistance between the red and black jacks with the power off. If shorted, that may imply a TVS failure.

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