Upgraded DCS Explorer to v1.2, but now it doesn't work.  The red track power light no longer comes on and when I try to connect an engine the error message is it can't find a DCS Explorer.  The Explorer is still on the MTH vs Home setting and the iPad is connected to the DCS network.  Deleted and reinstalled the App.  In LuCi it shows the new firmware was installed.  Reflashed a second time, but no change.   Each time I have waited at least 5 minutes to be sure the download completed. I tested the system before upgrading and it worked fine so something happened during upgrade.  Also put in a new fuse just to be sure.  Any suggestions?


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I don't see a way to go back to a previous version.  The old version isn't on their website and the original file was never on my computer.  I guess I should expected there would be problems when the "detailed" instructions given in the manual showed the wrong password to get into LuCi and failed to mention anywhere that the update file has to be downloaded first to your computer.

I fixed the problem...by not following their directions.  The instructions say that before the flash is done to make sure the “keep settings” remains checked.  Had nothing to lose so I unchecked the “keep settings” and reflashed.  Now the red light comes on when the Explorer boots up and no problem running the engine.  

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