I just received an EZ Sound Box today.  It's a pretty cool, inexpensive, very simple device to add sounds to your layout scenes.  Credit goes to JD2035RR for discovering it and posting it in another thread, that had to do with baseball and trains.  The box only measures 2 1/4 inches by 1 3/4 inches.  The sound quality is good, considering the speaker is so small.


Here is a short video.  I hope the sound comes through as well as it does in person.  You can only record one file but, you can constantly re-record any sound file.  I used an MP3 file of Rizzuto's homerun call, but music can be used, as well as your own personal messages.  It comes with a jack that allows you to tap into your device.  I haven't tested the limits, which are advertised as 200 seconds.  You tap the large button to record, tap again to stop.  The button attached to the blue wire is your start and stop button.  Once you stop playing, it goes back to the beginning.  Needs 3 AAA batteries.

This is a scene in the refrigerator room.  The whole recording is 2:40.  I cut it down to 1:20 with a sound file editor, to take out the first part of the atbat.  Don't want the guys to stand there with their beers getting warm....

Hope you can use this idea.  https://invitebyvoice.com/coll...ical-insert-for-toys




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Back in the 70s or 80s a company came out with AC 12v small black plastic sound box. You could get country, city, farm sounds and more. Each box had a different sound so you could place them around your layout. I bought a bunch of them. They still work fine. I just connected the power to a switch on my control panel to turn them on or off. Don

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