F/S: 2 cans of Shellac for York delivery

In applying Zinsser clear shellac to the lumber for my bench work, I miscalculated the amount I would need.  Using shellac on lumber stabilizes the wood, minimizing the effects of humidity.  I have two 1-gallon cans that are 2/3's and 3/4's full, respectively.  The stuff is expensive; Lowe's charged me $46.93 per can.

You can have BOTH cans for $50.

If you are in the Pittsburgh area, I'd be happy to deliver it or meet you.  I can also deliver it to you at Fall York.  If you want the shellac, please send me an email (in my profile).  PayPal (friends), USPS Money Order or cash.  First come, first served.




TCA, NMRA, PRRT&HS Modeling the PRR Panhandle Division between 1948-1957.


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