SOLD F/S Conventional Polar Express Set with CW80 Transformer 6-31960


I have a complete Conventional Polar Express Set with CW80 Transformer 6-31960 for sale.  Everything from the original set is included, with two upgrades. 

(1) I have substituted brand new track from my new PE set since the track from this set is already on my Christmas layout.

(2) I have included a engine sound tender instead of the original tender.  This one sounds great!  I paid $50 for the engine sounds tender above the cost of the original set.

The set has had modest run time as the engine rollers show.  It runs great and sounds great!  4 figures are included.  The only blemish is a couple tiny paint chips on cab above one window.

PayPal or a check work for me.  Please e-mail me at the address in my profile.  

$135 plus shipping. 


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Mark I was the first to accept & post I,ll buy it on the forum. It has always been my experience 1st. to post on the forum they'll buy it trumps all. I don't understand how you say it's been sold.

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