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Hello everyone,

here I have 2 0-100 Gargraves switches both are brand new and have never been used. Ones a right and the others a left. I’m asking $30 dollars each but I will do $45 for the pair

I also have a RH 0-100 switch without a motor. The switch is in great shape and I’m asking $10

Lastly I have some used 0-100 switches too that anyone can have for $2 each or a $1 each with the purchase of all.

of you have any questions please email me at

buyer pays shipping

thanks guys!


Images (5)
  • D933F679-75B9-442D-A6EF-C5A5F8B9EB8F: Switches with motors
  • 059B9081-3554-4E89-9EEF-88E5328EC875: LH with dz-1000
  • 32869CC0-7F7F-40B1-A440-E3978DCAC6AD: RH with dz-1000
  • 08992024-547D-4A3D-9B8F-9C9E7A185755: RH without motor
  • D8FE2A41-A79B-49C3-A66B-FFA88C9AF3C8: $2 switches
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