F/S MTH Premier PS2 Steam and Diesel

Sold pending payment!

B&O E6 4-4-2 Premier PS2 20-3110-1 This is a beautiful engine that runs, sounds, and smokes great!  Moderate run time, includes a BCR, and has been lubed recently.  Contact my email address in my profile for more information.

$375 plus shipping

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B&O F3 A-B-A PS2 DAP 20-80004A This F3 set is beautiful, very low run time, has a new battery, and recently lubes.  Runs, smokes, and sounds great.  It is part of an MTH Dealer Appreciation Program set that is missing 2 cars.  Contact my email address in my profile for more information.

$375 for the F3 A-B-A alone, $400 for the DAP set, plus shipping.

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