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Wanting a shorter length A-A set like a F3 or FA, I've been contemplating buying this set. Then I watched videos on YouTube. In the sound recording, there is a sound effect that sounds like wheels screeching on the track. It's a nice effect when the engine first starts moving but it repeats every few seconds and quickly becomes annoying (like Hee Haw). I know I could disable sound but what's the point of getting a diesel!

Check out what I'm talking about here with the UP version(sound starts at 10:24):



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I think the sound also mimics the flange squeal that frequently happens with real trains from metal wheels running on metal tracks, especially on curves.

Although it can become annoying, I'm guessing most people enjoy the prototypical sounds rather than just silently running a train - at least I do.

Not sure, but if you can operate your engine with Bluetooth using the app, there may be a way to at least lower the volume rather than having to shut it off completely.

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