Interestingly enough, in the fire fighting industry, a handlebar mustache  was considered part of the uniform. And through current times.

If you watch any of the major railroads publicity ads from the 50s on Youtube, you'll see everyone is smoking in every car. especially the diner and the lounges.

In 1962 I  went to school in Brooklyn, NY.  On Wednesday we had to wear a white shirt and a tie for auturium day.

I worked for IBM from 89 to 94.  I had to wear a blue suit, white shirt, and subdued ties.....

On wall street today...Men still wear $uits and ties. As do lawyer$...

The best heart valve surgeons, wear their best suit one day per week as they visit  prospective candidates in the hospital for possible surgeries'..  

The GI look was king from 1946 on.  Beards were considered dirty except for some cultures.  Mothers told their daughters, don't trust a man with a beard..... It was OKAY for WIlliam Powell, Clark Gable, Robert Taylor, to have a mustache, but no one else.  Not even Robert Mitchum, and Burt Lancaster..  or Kurt Douglas...

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