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Regardless if this is a decal or pad painted on.  It should be a simple correction for MTH or any train company.

How is it a simple fix for MTH?  If it is pad painted what would you have MTH do.  Have the customer return the shell, send it back to China to be painted and then have it shipped back to the well do you think that would go?  MTH doesn't have manufacturing/painting facilities stateside, so I'm  not sure what you want them to do.  It's a crappy situation, but it is what it is, a mistake.  There are many options, custom painter, inkjet water decals, or simply return it to the place of purchase.

If your looking for white numbers with a black background. Check out  Look in their decal section for data. They offer number boards for steamers in both O, S and HO.  2 sizes in each set. They should work in this application. I can help if you give me the exact size you need as to which one to order. I can check what I have leftover and maybe can hook you up with just what you need. I purchased both the S and O to put numbers in the headlights of some relettered steamers. I checked out their site. You can get the 12, 92 and 94 together. You would just have a splice in the middle. I would paint the background of the number board black. Apply the decals. Then add clear gloss or maybe canopy glue over it to simulate glass. Applying single numbers can be tedious work. With the black background in place these are pretty user friendly to apply.

Curt - after a somewhat prolonged back and forth, Ms. V. Hays of Microscale has informed me that they have no numbers in 1/48. Not the answer I was expecting. Any other suggestions? Thx.


Sorry; just saw this. Rusty’s suggestion to try HO decals sounds like a good one! My experience with Microscale decal sets is they typically have a selection of numbers in different font sizes. A large font HO number may work well in the number board.

I did an O gauge ACL gondola last December and some of the large letters from an HO decal sheet were actually perfect for an O gauge car.


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