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The Legacy Users Group Meeting will not be held this fall.

Due to Lionel not attending the Fall York Meet I have come to the difficult decision to cancel the fall Legacy Users Group meeting.  While we always made our meeting autonomous from Lionel, we also valued their commitment and participation to our mission of sharing the ins and out, the new, and the gotchas of the Legacy system.  From Jon, Rudy, and Mike to Dave and Dean, and the entire Lionel team, these folks unselfishly gave their time and in many cases Friday morning sleeps to attend our meetings and provide the direct line of communication with Lionel.

Unfortunately with the advent of Base 3 and App 3 it would be impossible to do this without Lionel's participation.  Since none of us have laid hands on the system it was imperative to have Lionel participate.  I was in contact with folks from Lionel and once again they were more than happy to attend and showcase the new system and help us.

That being said I have emailed the EDTCA organizers and asked them to cancel our meeting and thanked them for hosting and working with us.  As of now I wasn't sure what time it would be as we were trying to get a later time during the meet but in any case we have decided to forgo the fall meet.  If Lionel does attend future meets we will make an effort once again to have a meeting as long as we can get a place and a non O'dark thirty meeting time.  We'll have to see what happens.

I am working on a possible Legacy Users Group video for York and have asked Lionel for help.  Nothing big but I wanted to try to still have something.  In the next few weeks I am going to see how feasible it is.  I may ask some of the YouTuber's for advice. Unfortunately nothing is better than an in person meeting but we adapt and move on.

If you have a direct Legacy Users Group questions please ask away.  If I can answer them I will but I think the notice above pretty much sums it up.  I don't want this post to become another thread discussing Lionel and the EDTCA's business.

Thanks for all the support over the years.  Let's have a fun meet and we'll see where we stand next year. I look forward to seeing all of you at York.  Stay safe and Train On.

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This is a valuable resource and point of contact between Lionel and their customers.  I don't feel attending the meet and meeting with customers are tied together.  Lionel could perhaps send one or two folks to York to meet with customers at an offsite seminar, say perhaps a conference room at the Wyndham. 

Regardless, thanks for your efforts, Marty!


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