I am extremely grateful that OGR has given us the Electrical Forum. I also want to thank all of the experts for their expertise and quick responses to the posts on the Electrical Forum.

As a retired mechanical engineer, my knowledge of electronics is very limited. When it comes to the know-how of using components, I am plain dumb but that's changing. Inspired by the education I have been getting from this forum, I bought a breadboard, assortments of LEDs, resistors and some relays to experiment with. Also on the way are assortments of capacitors and diodes.

So the next time I see a post from one of the wizards who lurk on this forum, I will be trying their circuits. What I learn from playing with the breadboard will cross-deck to my layout.

Please keep the questions and answers flowing so dummies like me can continue to learn some things that will be useful on our layouts and trains.

Oh by the way, I have some computer drawing skills, so I will volunteer to draw circuits for the experts to aide in explaining their posts. Send me an email.

Bobby Ogage

"I hear that train a coming,

it's Long Island No. 39 rolling

around the bend"


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One thing I miss greatly with Lionel is a total lack of schematics for accessories and some rolling stock and engines. Mostly what is supplied are pictorials showing how an item is connected to other mystery items...and it takes a some time to reverse engineer a schematic for each accessory I try to use.


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