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if you can fit larger curves go for it.minimum will get you by,but bigger is less stress and looks better.i have experienced this with atlas maxi stacks.they say 054 minimum but does not look good and i can see strain on couplers.i would always go for the biggest curve space little table is 7x8 just to allow me 072 can always put smaller stuff on  a loop inside big loop

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my table is going to be 8X8. So I can use O-84 if I go with O-96 I’m going to have to build table 8X10   I think bigger is better. Thanks 😂

If you are using Lionel Fastrack an O96 circle will not fit on an 8ft wide table. Fastrack is measured center-rail to center-rail. The outside edge of the "ballast" is 1 ⅝ in from the center rail. Thus an O72 circle measures 75.25 in from outside edge of ballast to outside edge of ballast. O96 will be 99.25 in. from outside of circle to outside of circle.





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