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I am having issues with mth cabooses going over the Lionel fast track operating section and uncoupling.   The extra rails for operating cars seem to be at the same height as the others.  I believe the roller on the cabooses is contacting the accessory rail as well and causing the uncoupling magnet to operate. 

Are there any easy fixes others have done to correct this?




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Switch to Gargraves.  Seriously.

I had two MTH Premier engines that I could not use.  When traversing FasTrack operating track the truck would lift cause loss of contact between the rail and the wheel.  Engine would stall.

Tried physically different pieces of operating track - even tried tubular operating track - no difference.

$800+ of unusable engines was not acceptable.  With some transition pins I tried the Gargraves operating track - works great.

I am now planning on replacing all the FasTrack with Gargraves and Ross.  The last set of FasTrack 031 switches I bought six months ago were very poor quality - no where near the level and quality of some of my 10 year old FasTrack switches.  So it was time for a change.

Good luck.



? are the rollers kinda wide like K-lines?  You might try to swap in a skinny one. Ive noticed older rollers are narrower than many new age ones.

Your track diameter and where the roller sits is a concern to watch though. Roller arms that extend outside of a truck wheelbase have an overhang to the outside of the center rail.  Two of my PW diesel switchers can have a roller drop off an 0-27 center rail in curves. I had to push the arms to one side then re-tighten the screw so often I eventually limited the arms drop travel with a small zip strip so it could climb back on the rail once it came out of the curve.

They aren't hiding rollers under trucks, they stay on center there.

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