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I am 65, old enough, have the money and the time, but apparently not smart enough.  Built the the dream 10ft by 6ft layout with brand new fast track, loops, sidings, bridge,  6 switches, one or accessories. All assembled works great,  looks good.  Now until I get the idea I should power the switches off a sperate transformer. Wired the switches with power red to aux in, black wire  from u terminal of transformer to aux ground. 4 of the switches work, two do not. ( does work with track power)  however, here is the kick in the pants,     every time I go to connect the switch to the rest of the powered track, just as the middle rail touches overload,, short.  What did I do wrong? I did as the lionel video states to phase the transformers with a wire connecting the u terminals. What do you all think>

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ohh,  the the one I am using for the accessory power is a transformer from the fifties, type S 80watts  and the main power a rebuilt type LW (trainmaster) 125 watt.  You are on to something but what now is the answer ? move the lead from u to which terminal or or reverse the leads red to u on old transformer and black to A?

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ohh,  the the one I am using for the accessory power is a transformer from the fifties, type S 80watts  and the main power a rebuilt type LW...

First ensure the LW has the common "A" post to the outside rails (or lockon clip #2 for tubular) and the hot "U" post to the center rail (or lockon clip #1 for tubular), and then phase the Type S to the LW with "A" to "A" for common, and then "U"  on the Type S to your switch power, varying the voltage to get satisfactory performance at the lowest setting.

DON'T use the AUX GND terminals on the switches. It's not needed in common ground layouts and leads to short circuits if the transformers are not in phase.

After setting up this way you still have problems, it is possible some of the switches are wired wrong internally, but there is a work-around for that.

Thank you Rob, I did what you said and it is all working very well. I had it all mixed up from the beginning,  but switching of the wires at the transformer made it working.   Thankyou you again. I would not have figured it out in a million years, thanks.

And to John, I never want to think I am half the person my dog thinks I am,,,, well I have two dogs,,,  so I the person they think I am, and they said I was a very good dog chef, they always eat what I serve them.

Don't use the ground connection... instead rely on the common return through the track, or for testing off the layout connect the ground to an outside running rail(not a trigger rail) of the switch.

Remove the jumper and set it aside. Connect/touch the accessory voltage(set to about 12 volts for testing) lead to each of the three terminals(AUX IN, TRACK JUMPER, & AUX GND) one at a time in order. Your results should be, in order, 1)switch powered, no power to track 2)track powered, no power to switch 3)short circuit.

If you get these results, but in a different order, the reason may be that the switches were wired wrong internally. There have been reports of this with O-72 & other FasTrack switches. If this is the case, you will have to ignore the labeling and go with the terminal that provides power to the switch, no power to the track, for accessory powering, & re-label the terminals.

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