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 I think I have a problem with a sticky switch.  I can't get it to  throw using the remote and when I manually move the switch back-and-forth it seems to be a lot harder to move than the others.  Everything else seems to be working OK.  The green/red lantern is lit, when I hit the program button it flashes,  so it seems to me to be mechanical.  Does anyone have a good idea how to solve this problem? 

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Well, I'd start by taking the back off and checking it over visually.  The mechanism is pretty simple.  I'd be thinking it might be something in the lantern operating arm, that's a place where you can have issues.  You can actually assemble the lantern arm incorrectly and make it bind, so you might start by taking that off and checking if it's on correctly.

Thanks for the reply. I took the lantern arm off completely to see if that might be an issue. It didn't seem to help. I can get it to move a little when the aux2 button is hit but that is all, and it isn't enough to switch completely over.

I've had the most trouble with the rack and pinion inside the switch...but you might have broken the arm that moves the points. Can you hear the rack travel from side to side?...and the points not really move? Or does the rack not move?


Is the rack easy to move? If not, the pinion is jammed up on top of the rack teeth. Give it a push or relief somehow and see if it moves ok then. The ones I had like that, I had to change something like just a slightly different stop position with the micro switch. Like a tiny tape build up on the micro switch lever, and the switch quit binding up.


One other possibility... if your switch is attached to benchwork, when you reattach it, make sure that none of the screws holding the switch down are too tight. I over tightened one on a Fastrack switch and it must have bound the mechanism.


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I am having the same issue with 2 new ones and 2 older ones.  I have always had this issues off and on with them.  I have a layout with 20 of these switches.  I am going to remove and open them up.  If this does not resolve this or I don't see anything wrong I am going to bite the bullet and return the older ones to Lionel for a paid repair.

I have the same problem with a switch. I have taken the back off twice and adjusted the mechanism until it works properly. Put back on the layout it works at first, but soon binds up again. Next time I'll leave the back off and see if that helps.

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I've always used 18 vac and the problem has occurred. The pinion can run under the rack gears and stick. I could release it with a rap of a screwdriver handle when necessary before fixing it.


Bill Bish posted:

Higher voltage did not work.  3 new O72 switches going to manufacturer. 

Try backing out the motor screws 1/8-1/4 turn. I believe Mike Reagan had this tip when he was at Lionel. The gear may be binding on the thingy. (segment gear)

or send them back if you are tired of 14 little screws.


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  Check and see if the FTCC switch has been bent slightly, I found that once a FTCC Switch is bent just a little out of flat, it alters the movement of the frog.  Make sure your switches set flat and are screwed down properly, do not over tighten the switch or it can cause binding also.  Mike's advise on the motor screws is a good one also, if they are over tight, they can cause binding also.  I have more than a few FTCC Switches on my new layout, all operating perfectly from both the Legacy Cab2 and the numbered manual track side controllers.




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