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I am a complete newbie to Fastrack, and tonight I tried to create just a VERY simple siding to add to my oval. I came up 7/8" short on the mainline. Seems odd, but there it is. So, two questions:

1. What's the quick and dirty solution?

2. What's a good reference source on Fastrack geometry so I don't have to raise what I'm certain must be some very oft-repeated track questions on this forum?

BTW, all track is O36, and in case it's not obvious in my drawing, the short little curved piece that comes with each switch is included in this plan.


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The FasTrack system geometry necessitates having many small fitter sections.

Here is a chart showing which pieces you need to cover a given distance:

FasTrack Chart

The problem with the Fastrack geometry is that the "O36" straights should be 12.73" long, not 10", the 90 degree crossings should be 10.54" across, and the 45 degree crossings should be 14.91" across. If this were the case, you wouldn't need so many small "fitter" sections for standard track layout configurations. 


So, with the handy FasTrack chart, measure the gaps for a combination. 7/8" is not a track, so add 1 3/8" for 2". Not on the chart. Add 1 3/4" for 2 5/8". Add a 4 1/2" for 5 and 3/8". Add a 5" for 5 7/8". Bingo.

So, take out a 10" and use a 5", then use a combination for the 5 7/8" and the mainline is closed. You can also measure the gap at the preceding joint of the adjacent whole track plus the gap, which would have been 10 7/8". There's two combinations for that space.

Just remember to add a larger track to the gap, which means breaking a 10". This is what Rob was referring to about fitters.


Arctic Railroad

gunrunnerjohn posted:

I use AnyRail to figure out what fits in advance.

I like your preemptive thinking, John. I downloaded this program, but like so many others, it's not INSTANTANEOUSLY intuitive, like Minecraft

So now I shall endeavor to master the software, and flatten the learning curve!

Thats what I love about this hobby you can have a blast!Well most of us anyway!Nick


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