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I wanted to show everyone something I have started doing. If you are like me and live in an apartment with a floor fastrack layout and want to turn the power on and off in your storage tracks but don’t want wires running everywhere. I have been installing toggle switches into my 1 3/8” fastrack sections. I use a 15/64” drill bit for the hole. I use a vice to hold the section vertically and start with a smaller drill bit working my way up to 15/64. Note I also put some paint on one of the ties to denote which way the toggle needs to be for power to flow.734F9F1F-5166-44D6-942B-71B84814EA6541686E71-D82B-47DC-998B-1122BC81DE7CD7E04062-4F44-4325-9E21-4C276C72E376


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Thanks for the pictures. I plan on having a couple of sidings for "storage" and wanted to be able to turn power off to them. Was thinking of using a SPST switch located on a command board located by the transformers (alongside the switches for accessories, and switches for the switches) ... so seeing how you did the wiring helps!

You could have a steam train, if you'd just lay down your tracks.

ADCX Rob posted:

I have done something similar for several years, but just cut a notch in regular straight sections.

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I hadn't thought about cutting a full 10" section. That will work just as good. Coachjoe it's on the floor so yeah I can just walk over to the tracks like train nut said. All be it trying to limit the King Kong activity........😀

I've done this for some time, I have a few of the sections modified like that.  Like Rob says, you can pick any size track section and do a similar switch installation.  I also add an LED to indicate power status so I can see at a glance which sidings are powered.


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