Is it possible to connect two 1122 switches using a Fastrack conversion piece on each end with the Fastrack section in the middle as follows: switch-conversion piece-Fastrack section-conversion piece-switch?

For my first train board I did not follow any particular layout design (lesson learned!) so I ended up with a loop that may only be accessed if the train is going in one direction.  I want to fix this but the 1122's will not line up quite right so I need the flexible Fastrack to bend around some tight spots.

Has anyone tried this or knows if there will be technical difficulties (or not)?


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Your Fastrack premise is wrong. Fastrack is essentially inflexible and unforgiving versus tubular, and is much taller and thus not directly compatible with 027 without some work.
Why not just use the ubiquitous traditional tubular track or even Gargraves flex as needed? Gargraves is 027 height and directly compatible with 027. Regular tubular and Gargraves can be easily cut or carefully bent to fit nearly any situation.

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Thanks for the info.  Maybe I should try to coax the tubular to line up with the switches but I don't think it's flexible enough for my situation.  I've heard of Gargraves but do not know anything about their products.  Should I just go on their website and look for flexible 027 track?

Thanks, I did not think 027 could be bent (of course, I've never tried it) other than the by using the slight "wiggle room" it has.  I assume the standard 37 inch Gargraves piece may be cut down as needed?  I only need about 27 inches.

I did a home made adapter from tubular to FT. This was only for a siding so I was not too concerned about a smooth transition. I'm sure you could to a decent transition from GG to 027.

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That's pretty neat, thanks for sharing.  I got caught up in talking about the track and forgot about the other part of my question.  Are there compatibility issues between the Gargraves track and my Lionel switches? If I had too I suppose I could just use a standard 3 rail Lionel coming off the switches then patch the Gargraves in the middle

On the last picture to the right....    Could have just used the adapter from Fastrack to 027.    Works out great!  


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