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HELP. i have 2 fastrack 060 command switches.right one works fine.the left hand one has a mind of its own.i am using an MTH Z1000 for power.the switch throws on its own.i am currently running conventionally.the switch has a nasty habit of switching mid consist,causing derailments and locomotive going one way and freight cars going the other.thoughts this an electrical is or defect

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to dale senior,i dont have the knowledge to resolder them.if i take apart switch i'm lost.all my life i have wanted switches and now I cant get them to work is so much more interesting than a simple oval.the grandsons love being switch operators.i think its a shame you have problems with a product new out of the box.somehow I know it will be fixed with the kind help of all you more knowledgeable railroaders.I'm optimistic by nature.thank you for reply


I assume you mean the Z1000 is powering the entire layout, not just the switch.

I assume you are controlling the switch via the black remote controller. Has that black cable from the switch to the remote controller ever been cut or disassembled at either end ? 

I would first try powering that switch with auxillary power and see if that helps.

I believe there have been known wiring issues with certain FT switches, but try the above first. 



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