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I have a number of Fastrack remote switches, these are the early versions without command control, and they were water damaged.
Most have been repaired by swapping parts and soldering in replacement DC motors.
However 2 switches exhibit the same problem and Iʻm hoping to better understand how they work will help me decide what to do next.

The problem with these two switches once the frog moves left or right it remains stuck there.  If I manually move the mechanism to the center point, the switch will move left or right, but then becomes stuck again.
If I dis-engage the DC motor from the gearing, the motor spins okay in both directions (clockwise or counter-clockwise) so Iʻm sure the motor is working and I believe the throw lever is okay as well.

I have not swapped out the main electrical board yet, or any of the 2 micro-relay switches in each switch that is triggered when the frog is moved to the left or right resting position.




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