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First post here. I have been wiring my setup for a week or so. Got to the switches. I have a Legacy layout with a Powermaster 360, with intentions of also controlling conventional trains, so I want to wire switches separately on accessory power.

Long story short, I have had success wiring using track jumpers and extending the switch remotes, but when I wire to the aux in, lights go out and switch does not work.

Is there anything I should be looking at to fix this? Do I not have my wires in deep enough (about 1/8 inch maybe?)? 

This is frustrating

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There is a history of Lionel Fastrack remote track-switches sometimes having their terminal blocks assembled incorrectly at the factory. Any time there is an issue it is best to start with checking this out. Take the bottom cover off the offending switch and check that the wire yellow wire from the "AUX GND" terminal goes to an outer rail jumper-bar. "AUX IN" should go to the circuit board (this red wire has a fuse in it hidden under a bit of shrink-tubing) and "TRACK JUMPER" to the center-rail jumper-bar.



The terminal block is actually three single terminals assembled together:


If found in an incorrect order the terminal block can be easily assembled correctly.


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