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This plan has an outside perimeter route with mostly O-48, with O-48 easements.

Three independent routes are supported, but interconnected.   One reverse loop through the Wye at the left.   All mainline turnouts are O-48 or O-60 plus the O-72 'Y'.   One O-36 turnout for the industry sidings at the left.

Buildings are from Menards.



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I am amazed at how much track you got on 2 4x8 sheets. That is really nice.

I also like the variety of routes that you can run.  Super layout with lots of action possibilities.

This is the best  2  4x8 I have seen for Fastrack.  At some point in the future my grandson wants me to help him build a layout, this looks like it will be the one.  Thanks for sharing this layout.


  • Track Sections Needed
  • 6-12015, 0 Lionel FasTrack, Curve 18", angle 45º (O36)             17
  • 6-12022, 0 Lionel FasTrack, Curve 18", angle 22.5º (O36)              10
  • 6-12023, 0 Lionel FasTrack, Curve 18", angle 11.25º (O36)          7
  • 6-12043, 0 Lionel FasTrack, Curve 24", angle 30º (O48)             7
  • 6-16834, 0 Lionel FasTrack, Curve 24", angle 15º (O48)             13
  • 6-16835, 0 Lionel FasTrack, Curve 24", angle 7.5º (O48)            3
  • 6-12056, 0 Lionel FasTrack, Curve 30", angle 22.5º (O60)          2
  • 6-12042, 0 Lionel FasTrack, Straight 30".          4
  • 6-12014, 0 Lionel FasTrack, Straight 10".                    9
  • 6-12024, 0 Lionel FasTrack, Straight 5".                              7
  • 6-12025, 0 Lionel FasTrack, Straight 4 1/2".                       4
  • 6-12026, 0 Lionel FasTrack, Straight 1 3/4".                     16
  • 6-12073, 0 Lionel FasTrack, Straight 1 3/8".                     25
  • 6-12059, 0 Lionel FasTrack, Buffer/Bumper 3 5/8".          4
  • 6-12019, 0 Lionel FasTrack, Crossing 6". 90º                      1
  • 6-12047, 0 Lionel FasTrack, Wye turnout 12 1/64". (O72) (remote)          1
  • 6-12057, 0 Lionel FasTrack, Left turnout 13 7/64". (O60) (remote)           2
  • 6-12058, 0 Lionel FasTrack, Right turnout 13 7/64". (O60) (remote)         3
  • 6-81948, 0 Lionel FasTrack, Right turnout 15". (O48) Remote/Command          4
  • 6-81949, 0 Lionel FasTrack, Left turnout 15". (O48) Remote/Command                3
  • 6-81946, 0 Lionel FasTrack, Right turnout 10". (O36) Remote/Command          1


This version adds a rotating beacon on top of the hill, lights for the fastrack lighted bumpers, and a depression around the pond.   So there is terrain both above and below the track level, enhancing the visual interest.   The track is unchanged from the previous version.

This plan is perhaps unique in being able to include an O-72 'Y', that also makes a useful WYE in a small layout.



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Outer loop has two O-60s and two O-48s.  I believe you could use O-72s instead of O-60s.   I will check with the track planning software to make sure.   The other way to build in stages of course is one 4X8 at a time.   I like your idea though, it gets the longer main route up and running first, more fun that way!

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Frank, that is exciting!  I have been wanting to build this myself.   I did build the right-hand 4X8 as my Cisco RailRoad which was an article in OGR.  But I have not built-out the left-hand 4X8, I extended the layout with a 4X4 section, along the lines of below.   I wanted a siding for the Menard's Power Plant but did not have more of the room to expand into at the time.

 I hope you will post pictures of your construction.



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  • Cisco4X11PlusV2d
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Ken, I thought that  you might enjoy a status report on the progress of Ken's Two 4X8 "L" layout under construction in Ohio.  I purchased a full copy of Any Rail (which was a very easy transaction and downloaded it.)  I then copied your layout file from the OGRR forum to my Any Rail software.  This allows me to pinpoint the location of each piece of Fastrack from your post to the schematic diagram in Any Rail.  I am now reviewing my inventory of Fastrack to ascertain the quantity of track that I need to purchase.  One issue is the 060 turnouts with SKUs of 6-12057 and 6-12058.  I find 6-16827 and 6-16828 which seems like potential substitutes.  Other possibilities are 6-81950 and 6-81951.  I am awaiting a response from Tim Foley regarding a few questions that I had and then will finalize my Mianne framework base order.  Thanks again for the great plans which has motivated me to commence construction.  Per your request photos will be posted when appropriate.  Frank

This version adds a connection on the upper right creating another reverse loop.   And adds a mountain with hiking trail.   And a slight elevation change on a 2% grade over 2', the left hand side is 1/2" higher than the right hand side, adding more visual interest, and a bit more fun having trains climb even this slight grade.



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  • Two4X8L-shape-V8h

Hi LionelRookie, I got everything to close up using your O-72 turnouts.   I made an effort to use the 1 3/8 fitters at the end of each O-72 turnout leg to match with the plastic roadbed design of Lionel's turnouts.   There is one place where the roadbed needs to be trimmed on a 1 3/4" piece, which is easy to do.   There are lighted Fastrack bumpers at the end of each spur.   Last, I trimmed the overall area for the layout to 8'5" X 13'.   Cool variation!

TWO 4 X 8 - KH - JULY 9, 2017


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OK, good to be back on the board again... time has gone away from me again..\

Ken, thanks for the refinements in the layout,... interesting how the quarter and half pieces fit so much better than a full piece.


As if you have not done enough already... can I ask one more addition to this layout.  I have an additional 7' to my right that I can add a yard.

I have room physically ... but cannot draw one...       If you were to draw a yard to the right, how would you draw one?






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