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When the menards engine came out, we were all discussing the features (sounds, command control, speed control, etc). So, if you could only have one advanced feature (think modestly priced engine) what would it be? For me, the even and slow speed operation with Lionel odyssey 2 blew me away. If regular lionchief or menards could provide a speed control at a very reasonable price I would be very pleased.

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I would like to say cruise control, but that wouldn't be necessary if they were truly properly geared, as our friends in 2RO generally experience, so I am going to have to say their typically exquisite proportions and detailing, not to mention the 1:48 sizing, at least in the "Premier" (any brand) product lines.

Smoking whistles, swinging bells, even sound of late, are not of large moment to me. The sound seems to be an irritant, more and more - especially steam. And I do mostly steam.

Well, I like a lot of the features, but I suspect my favorite feature would have to be cruise control for low speed running and control.  That would be followed closely by the great sound and smoke effects of modern stuff, and then the lighting effects.  Obviously, this all should come in a quality package that is reasonably faithful to the prototype.  I don't consider myself a true rivet counter, but I do like good and accurate detailing on a locomotive.

Truthfully, it's hard to pin down one feature because a good execution of a model is a sum of it's parts.  If one part is severely lacking, that may render the whole experience moot.

I like the automatic uncoupler system on my MTH RailKing loco's.

After spending nearly my entire model train life with Swiss made Buco 3 rail O gauge tinplate that had "drop-link" couplers, and the need to have "the hand of God" uncouple the cars and carriages, I am rapt in being able to uncouple a consist on a siding, while the loco is standing still or even on the move.......all with the comfort of a couple of buttons to push on the transformer or hand-held remote!!!!

It's got to the point now where I am slowly converting selected Buco wagons and cars.....and fitting them with "dummy" knuckle couplers at one end, so they can pull my other Buco wagons and cars behind my MTH loco's.

Chuff sounds, smoke, and diesel engine revving come in at a close second!!

Peter   (Buco Australia)

@breezinup posted:

Like many others, cruise is my favorite modern feature, by a significant margin. Regular LionChief doesn't have it, due to their price point, but the LionChief Plus engines with their outstanding cruise are very good values.

They are neat, but a little too pricey for old tooling and lack of detail. With that said, I like the NW2 and f3s. If lionchief got rid of the beeping to connect the remote and added speed control and was in the same price range(likely a few bucks more), id buy that line of products often.

the lionchief plus2.0 system as a whole

its advanced enough to the point where my desire for the legacy stuff is not that important anymore to me and i'm hoping vsr can come to 2.0 so i can completely break away from the basic lionchief stuff

there is so many choices now with 2.0 alone that need help deciding on my next engine

Locomotive sounds are much more important than cruise control, in my opinion. I have MTH locomotives with PS-1 that run smoothly at realistic speeds without cruise control, although they don't creep along at five or ten miles-per hour. But I run my trains at about thirty miles-per-hour. However, if I were to turn on an engine and it had no sounds, I wouldn't enjoy running it.


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