My all time favorite TM video is their very first one initially issued as a 16mm color film in 1976. The subject was all classic postwar engines, rolling stock and accessories. The finale with a Saturn V launch and fireworks is memorable! I purchased the 16mm version for $75 and it got a lot of play on a borrowed Bell and Howell sound projector for students, friends and family!

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The parade of 6464's and variations  at the beginning is awesome. The various accessories all work flawlessly and the musical accompaniment is great. I always liked the "I'm a Train" song at the beginning.

Well, it was the I Love Toy Train Series that first got me into model trains in the first place. But I am currently watching the Lionel Nation Series and am now completely fascinated with pre-War Lionel. 

Lionel Videotapes

If there's any video that made me appreciate what goes into the hobby, it's easily this one. To take a look in the Lionel factory and follow the remaking of the most famous locomotive in Lionel history really makes you appreciate what goes into making these trains that we might take for granted.

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Dave Warburton posted:

“A Lionel Christmas,”...

I have that on every year on a loop while I'm laying out track for the Christmas putz.

Dave Warburton posted:

“A Lionel Christmas,” without any question. 

I'm with you Dave.  The original Lionel Christmas which was produced in 1995 is the most heartwarming video I have ever seen about Christmas and toy trains.  I bought it in the autumn of 1997 and have watched it a gazillion times and have run it for some of my family and friends as well.  They all absolutely loved it.    I know it was just a simple question which required a quick and crisp response but I absolutely love this video and just had to tout its virtues.

The FIRST TM video started as a 16 mm color film (1976) about 12-14 minutes in length and was titled simply Lionel. It was later offered as a VHS tape.

A Lionel Christmas is his best work and is my favorite but it's also worth mentioning his segment on Phill Klopp, one of my dad and mine's favorite layout builders. 

I’ve got most of TM’s videos but, my favorite is still my first - The Magic of Lionel Trains.

Whenever I need a transfusion of enthusiasm for the hobby; I pop this video in.


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So many to choose from.

"A Century of Legendary Lionel Trains with Tom Snyder" is a classic. I'll pull it out randomly during the year and get my fix. 

I have 2 favorites

The Magic of Lionel as that video in the 90"s was a key factor getting me back into the Hobby. It was one late Saturday night I was channel surfing and came across a 30 minute infomercial with Tom McComas and Tom Snyder. Of course I ordered it as operators were standing by at 11pm on a Saturday

My second favorite is great for me in that it represents where I am in the hobby now, which is 3-Rail O Scale Trains and club life. It features Norm Charbonneau and the Griffith IN train club.  

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